50 facts about me!

Hello fashionistas,
Today I bring you this tag "50 facts about me".
Hope you like it and get to know me better.

1. My full name is Ana Rita Teixeira Freitas.
2. I am 19, blowing candles in 11th march.
3. I am from Portugal.
4. I am 158cm.
5. I am a psychology student at Porto university.
6. I love cats and had quite a few.
7. Being by the sea brings me peace.
8. I am shy.
9. I am very determined.
10. I hate lies.
11. I have few real friends.
12. I have a lot of cousins.
13. I'm not allergic to anything.
14. When I was a child I practised swimming (I hate it) and went to ballet classes.
15. I had formation in english during 12 years and have a degree.
16. I hate politics and football.
17. When it rains I love to stay inside watching movies and drinking hot tea.
18. I love to find new blogs and youtube channels.
19. I would love to visit London and New York.
20. My favourite movies are John Q, The Pursuit of Happyness and The impossible.
21. My favorite series are Prison break and Modern family.
22. My favorite store is Zara.
23. My favorite singers are Lana del Rey, Florence + the machine, Coldplay, Two door cinema club, etc.
24. I love going to stores and discovering new trends.
25. I like make up but I'm not very good at it.
26. I have really strange dreams.
27. Once I fell asleep at the cinema and the movie had a lot of shots and was really loud.
28. My favourite color is black.
29. I don't wear earrings.
30. I bite my nails since I was a child.
31. I don't like hospitals and I am really afraid of syringes.
32. I have one older brother.
33. I feel I am very unique and strange.
34. I love to find quotes that fit my beliefs.
35. I don't like to let myself down and I hate to fail.
36. I like myself.
37. My favorite perfume is Light blue from Dolce & Gabbana and Boss orange from Hugo Boss.
38. I have a tumblr account: http://noir-satin.tumblr.com/
39. I love children.
40. I love candies.
41. Me and my boyfriend are together for almost 4 years.
42. I don't really like meat.
43. I love a lot of fruits.
44. I like eating eggs in various ways.
45. I don't really go out a lot and go to parties very often.
46. I am very organised.
47. My favorite pieces of clothing are shorts, wool sweaters and leather jackets.
48. I like to use Converse all star, vans and ankle boots.
49. My favourite model is Miranda Kerr.
50. I enjoy working out.

There's more things you don't know about me but the 50 facts are done :)

Do we have something in common?

2 comentários:

  1. Agora assustaste-me, acho que fomos separadas à nascença, haha! :P Encontrei tantas coisas com as quais me identifico, principalmente com estar à beira mar me trazer paz *.*

    Obrigada pela tua visita, também segui :)

    Beijinho Rita

    Mariana do fashionforelephants.blogspot.pt/

    1. que bom, nunca encontro ninguém com quem me identifique *


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